Rory Kirby

Rory has attended courses with Ann Hunter and Rodger Garbutt and more recently with Tom Lynch, Kiff Holland and Blu Smith. He
has gained much by attending both indoors and en plein air sessions with the Victoria Sketch Club. Although Caroline Hunter claims
that she is not a teacher; in fact her talent and patience have been invaluable in increasing Rory’s technique.

Rory is a member of the Oak Bay Art Club, where he introduced the practice of recording painting demonstrations with his camera
and summarising the steps with comments for the benefit of members. He is the treasurer of the Victoria Sketch Club and a member
of the Saanich Peninsular Arts and Crafts Society; a supporting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Web Master of
the Oak Bay Community Artists Society.

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Rory’s interest in watercolour painting was sparked some twenty-five
years ago in Toronto. At that time he set his interest aside, but vowed that
this would be his final avocation, when he retired. Since moving to
Victoria in 1987 he has been active in The Victoria Men’s Newcomers’
Club, The Victoria Quilter’s Guild and The Saanich Volunteer Services
Society. Three years after the death of his wife Isobel in 2005, Rory met
Caroline Hunter, whose painting talents re-kindled his desire to resume
his interests in watercolour. In January 2013, undaunted by their
advancing years, Caroline and Rory married!
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