Joanie McCorry
Joanie is a photographic artist, who never leaves home
without her camera. Whether indoor close-ups, nature
pictures, people engaged in life, or an aspect of architecture,
all are subjects for her passion.
She draws on her enormous library of pictures to create
greeting cards, each designed to communicate messages
that touch the heart of the recipients.
For Joanie, Victoria is a photographer's paradise. She takes thousands of photos every year  and under the name 'Perido Tulips', she
makes and sells greeting cards both for the general public and for specialized business or private commissions. You will find her
work at local markets and art tours as well as by contacting her directly through her website
Perido Tulips.
With over 7,000 photos to choose from, or using particular photos taken specially for you, Joanie can create cards that suit every
private occasion or public business need. Whether business card, greeting card or other design, she loves to meet the needs of her  
diverse clients.

Each year Joanie is responsible for all the arrangements needed to ensure the success of the Bowker Creek Brush-Up
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