Flo-Elle Watson
After working in and teaching Portrait Painting, Pottery, Oil Painting, and Water Colors, Flo-Elle took courses in China Painting
from her Mother, and International China painters, in the US and Canada. This is the only medium that she paints in. Using white
porcelain as her canvas, Flo-Elle hand paints, with Underglaze Paint,  original, and functional pieces. Sometimes she paints in the
traditional China Painting style, more often in her modern and  individually creative style.
Most of the white Porcelain Flo-Elle uses is carefully selected from Thrift and Consignment shops, giving the plain white articles a
new life. Each piece is fired at 1400 degrees making the painting permanent and transforming the once ordinary object into a  
collectible, unique piece of art - an enticing gift for you or someone special.
Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Flo-Elle grew up under
the influence of very artistic parents. Her father was a
Graphic Artist and a Printer; her mother was a skilled
seamstress and China Painter. Flo-Elle attended the
Kootenay School of Art, excelling in Life Drawing,
Pottery and Anatomy
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