Erik's early childhood in Victoria was a delight in nature,
which his parents encouraged him to capture by drawing
and painting. Later in Toronto, London (UK), and Paris
he pursued many comprehensive art courses.
Erik Thorn
Erik always worked in visual design; painting, drawing and book illustration At Nelsons, Bodley Head,English University Press, Max
Reinhart and Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as in exhibition design and advertising layout.

He returned to Ottawa with his New Zealand artist wife Miriam, where they had two sons. Returning back to Victoria in 1965 Erik
gained a BFA in 1972.

Always a nosey naturalist Erik mostly paints outdoors, sometimes showing wildlife as he saw it. His travels in Southern
Europe,Scandinavia, New Zealand and widely in Africa left strong impressions, which he captured in his sketch books.

Erik's paintings are in private collections in Canada, USA, Mexico, the UK, France, Sweden and New Zealand. He has recently
exhibited in Tacoma, near Nice, the ArtSpring Gallery on Salt Spring Island and in Victoria.
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