F. Caroline Hunter
.  Pursuing her interest in art here in Victoria she has enjoyed numerous workshops and more recently has worked steadily to
develop her own voice. Elected to Associate Signature Status by the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2009 in recognition of her
ability to capture and express her delight in the landscapes, figures and objects around her, Caroline continues to explore an
impressionistic approach.  Using a very limited palette she enjoys paying special attention to negative spaces, bringing excitement
and a mystic quality to her work.

“I paint for joy.  The light on this lovely west coast is always playing tricks on us and I try to capture this energy, and the mystery I
see in nature’s brief tranquil spaces around me. With my exploration of blue pigment and of negative spaces I attempt to bring a
surreal quality of light to my landscapes.”

Caroline is the Secretary of the Victoria Sketch Club and of the Oak Bay Community Artists Society; she is also a member of the
Victoria Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists, The Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Society and the Oak Bay Artists Club.
She is a perennial participant in the Bowker Creek Brush-Up and the Oak Bay Studio Tours.
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Born in Llanelli, on the Atlantic coast of South Wales, Great
Britain, Caroline feels right at home in Victoria.  Interested in
drawing from childhood, Caroline received a diploma in
design from the Barrett St. College of Design in London,
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