The Bowker Creek

The Fourteenth Annual
Brush Up Art Show and Sale
will take place
Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Each year the Oak Bay Community Artists Society invites its members, guest artists and those residing
outside Oak Bay to take part in  the Bowker Creek Brush Up Art Show and Sale. More than 2,000 attend this
exciting outdoor event, where thirty to forty artists meet the public and demonstrate how they create their art.
The friendly interactions between artists and those attending ensure the festive mood which makes this event
such a success.

Each March members are required to renew their membership fee by sending a $25 cheque to FloElle Watson
at 1871 St. Ann St, Victoria, BC V8R 5V9. Members wishing to enter the Bowker Creek Brush Up may do so
by sending a further $25 for a total of $50 and completing the
Registration Form.

If you are an artist and a resident of Oak Bay and are not yet a member please consider
joining the Oak Bay
Community Artists Society to be able to register for future Bowker Creek Brush Up events. Other artists may
to enter the Bowker Brush Up for a fee of $75 and will be accepted if there is sufficient space

If you are interested in art, have a favorite artist you want to meet there, or just want a chance to
stroll in the park, then be sure to mark the date  on your calendar.