Audrey Campsall
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In retirement Chinese Brush Painting has brought
Audrey back to a gracious and exacting art form,
allowing her to explore and enjoy the many methods
and materials involved. Many of her paintings have
been created with children in mind and for children.
Audrey's formal art education is impressive. At Queens University, studying oils with Ralph Allen and Andre Beiler, and watercolour
with Elizabeth Allen, she was voted into the Agnes Etherington Art Institute. Her art show successes financed the attainment of a
private pilot's licence.
In the American Art Institute - Chicago, over three years, she studied all art mediums offered, continuing over a period of years she
studied with Helmut Granshaw, Jim Kierstead, Jean Caris and others.
Amazingly during her life she successfully ran an art and antique import business, gained certificates in computer  systems design,
banking and business administration, leading to law qualifications that led to opening and running her own law office in Quebec.
Three of her five research projects in childrens law reform were passed in to Quebec law. This interest in children and raising three of
her own undoubtedly influenced her current art  subject matter.